Unitas Foundation Team

Co-Founders: Wayne Huang 黃耀文 , Board Director Winston Hsiao 蕭滙宗, Board Director Sun Huang, Board Director & CTO

Founding Contributors:

Aditya Gupta, Principal Product Manager Andrew Chen, Principal Economist

Founding Members:

Stephen Ryan of Mastercard Jerry Li of Term Structure Titan Cheng of BitoGroup Ethan Yang of Matrixport Matt Huang of Draper Dragon

Join us!

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Unitas Foundation is actively seeking collaborators including:

  • People passionate about decentralized finance and stablecoins

  • People passionate about improving financial inclusion in emerging markets

  • Cross-border payment professionals and organizations

  • Stablecoin issuers (centralized and decentralized)

  • Exchanges (CEXs and DEXs)

  • Gaming and eSports companies wanting to adopt stablecoins

  • Market makers (CeFi and DeFi)

  • OTC desks, money transfer operators, money service organizations

  • Digital wallets and credit card issuers

  • Central banks

  • Regulators and law enforcement

  • Compliance and legal professionals

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