Stephen Ryan

Founding Member, Unitas Foundation | SVP, Mastercard | ex-SVP, Visa



Stephen Ryan is a Founding Member of Unitas Foundation. He is a seasoned executive and serial entrepreneur that has held leadership roles within a blockchain AML company, two major credit card processors, a global payment system, a global bank, an online banking and bill pay provider, and several innovative security start-ups. Solid and successful experience bringing innovative products and services to global markets.

Current areas of interest are Stablecoins, Blockchain Technologies, Next Generation Payments, Digital Banking, and Bitcoin.


  • Unitas Foundation Jan 2023 - present Founding Member

  • Mastercard Oct 2021 - present Senior Vice President, Cyber & Intelligence Solutions

  • CipherTrace Sep 2015 - present COO / CRO & Co-Founder

    CipherTrace provides cryptocurrency compliance, investigative, audit, and security technologies to evolve the blockchain economy. CipherTrace solutions are used by Law Enforcement, Crypto AML Forensic Analysts, Government Regulators, OTC Trading Desks, Crypto Hedge Funds, Banks, and Auditors around the world. The US Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology (S&T) and DARPA initially funded CipherTrace, and CipherTrace is also backed by leading venture capital investors.

  • Visa USA Jun 1998-Jun 2000 Senior Vice President

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